Thursday, 18 December 2008

Social etiquette

Recently I find out that Im not able to tolerate noise

During my stay at Kluang, Johor

It is like chaos when im having my breakfast at the coffee house

I feel like throwing my plates at their face n stuff bread into their mouth

hey parents, u think u’re at a coffee shop by the road side huh?

can u please teach ur kids to lower their volume?

Although parents are happy seeing their kids lively n energetic

Instead of having a quiet n peaceful morning

such noise is really disturbing and might spoil everyone’s morning mood

Thus, I think it’s kind of unfair for the other hotel guest

Then on my way back from Johor

while having coffee break at Shalala coffee house

as usual I saw a large crowd and kids all over around

They shout, yell and scream..

wahim like at a war zone…

The noise is killing me

Hey kids, shouting like this can damage ur voice box u know

aduh, where on earth r their parents

I know its schl holiday so it’s perfectly normal to see parents bringing out their kids for a short holiday.

after getting my latte ,I can hear parents calling their kids from a distance

ah boy, ah girl, ah long, ah ngah….

now I know where the kids learn this from..

Kids where running around like they had been locked in cages for ages…

pening man…thanked to our education system who focus too much of academic result

no where to release their surplus energy

next time the coffee house will come out with a “please lower down ur volume” sign

like what are they doing in the library

or maybe kids under 12 years of age are not allow to enter


to describe my feelings at that moment, please look at the pictures below...

im feeling from ok to annoyed to super pekcek

Don’t get it wrong, not that I dislike kids..

just that seeing kids misbehave in public is an eye sore for me..’s not for me to decide how people kids gonna behave

next time an ear plug will be handy for me

dive in a world of orchestra music

I feeling much better now…


Anonymous said...

dun so "lou hei" a....hehe...coz is kids will be noise e la...

LeaF芳 said...

imagine lotsa kids with lotsa noise...i feel like fainting...phew..not easy to be parents..

puppy said...

who eat breakfast in hotel one?
should go to kluang station lim kopi
or get a fishball noodle in hawker centre
or bakuteh in kluang baru mah

who is ur tour guide?

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