Tuesday, 16 December 2008

it's another late entry...

Went for dinner with dad’s gang of friends
Its nice meeting them again
All the warm hand shake
It suppose to be a happy gathering then all of a sudden from no where somebody interrupt the conversation

“Wah, ah girl how come u suddenly become so fat
I couldn’t recognize u at all…”
OS: kanasai…yalar…I spend all my time eating instead of studying…happy with the answer?

I give her a big smile, and tell her that my mom is feeding me with cheese everyday…

“Aiyo..U so lucky lar…ur mom take so good care of u...”

What the heck…hypocrite…

After dinner,
She try to convince me that im-such-a fat-ass,

“So since u r so fat now, all ur clothes couldn’t fit d right,
Have to buy new clothes lor…”

OS: yala..im so fat now..i donate all my old clothes to the charity

Hoho,aunty..did I gain so much weight since going to uni ?
U wanna have an eye check or MRI scan not?
Maybe something is going wrong..

What is fat ?

FAT? fAt? FaT? FAt ? fAT?

GEMUK? gemuk ?


胖?in chinese character it means that

means=body parts


so this means that if u gained more than half of your current weight then u r consider fat

Am I really fat…i just now m fleshy
now Im really confused...


chunsia said...


Anonymous said...

haha...ya lo....that aunty eyes sure got happen...hehe....fat how to be our killer leh...haiz...^^

LeaF芳 said...

chun sia

dont worry...i still can kill u when im back in pj...

Keanu Tan said...

Wow.. My frn look 95% like u in your lower six pix. Anyway, u r getting thinner and thinner after that.
wat u have is baby fat lar.. Go play hula hop. Guaranty guys will die for u. hahaha.

LeaF芳 said...

Keanu Tan

haha...maybe i'll get a 23inch waist line...

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