Friday, 6 February 2009

A day in the Library

My friends and i headed for new era college library in kajang
after switching lrt to ktm and walking a near distance,
we are finally there.
phew..the weather is really hot over here...
im sweating

some guys must be wondering
ur library no book meh??
Ya..u're so right..cause some of the books are transfer to kampar for our junior..
as i've written earlier *click here for further reading*
we need to refer to lotsa reference books for every single assignment...
this is the tiring part..
my next presentation is two weeks later..
i better come out with convincing facts or else i'll be so dead..

cats napping on the book shelf and some body's beg..
hope the poor fella is not allergy to cat
wish i can have a short nap like 'em
my eyes is like a freaking panda bear

Im looking for book regarding Dream of the Red Chamber红楼梦
and The book of odes 诗经

ish.. only manage to get Dream of the Red Chamber

The other day while i was at my uni's library
the librarian was so helpful
she's so patient to help me search for the books
sorry for all the trouble
feel like hugging her after she found me the book that i needed...
she's my best librarian of the month

who say chinese studies is easy??
try reading this...

be amazed that this is our normal routine..
i can tell u that what we learnt during primary and secondary schl is pretty limited
so dont think that we're just learning mandarin


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