Saturday, 28 February 2009

sweet suprise

I realize that i forget to complete my japanese homework when i arrived in class today
ish...not a good excuse to cover my laziness n procrastination
its too sad to see im getting forgetful at this age.

*shake head..tsik tsik tsik...lazy lass*

my lecturer started to discuss the answer
slow down ur speed sensei
i cant copy in time, mo ichi do please...
it is like chasing the bullet train..

my lecturer then ask us to construct our own sentence
whoever with the best sentence will receive a small gift from him
yeah...i love the word G-I-F-T..
so i decided to give it a shot
and i come out with this sentence

おかねが ありませんから たべものを かいません。

translation:Because i've no money, i cant afford to buy food.
my lecturer burst into laughter
to my suprise
my lecturer decided to give me

the wasabi coated peanut from japan...
oi shi~~~

i cant describe how much fun i had during the japanese class last semester
i remembered that i said i gonna eat newpaper when my lecturer taught us new vocabulary
like eat and newpaperm,
so my sentence is like that
Translation: newspaper+eat

guess im always the one who come out with lotsa crazy ideas
and i can always relate most of the things to food..
presentation and assignment due on week 10..
wish me luck friends...


- j u s t - a - g i r l - said...

haha.. so interesting le..
seriously u've got many crazy but GOOD ideas.. haha =)

ps: the puppy's getting fatter by each day. lol.

LeaF芳 said...

I hope im able to catch up..cuz sometimes it hard to understand..

Im sure that u and ur family shower happy with lotsa love and care.
so when dog meat is served? just kidding

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