Tuesday, 10 February 2009

SOS..mercy please

presentation during tutorial class as usual
suddenly our lecturer turned on her machine gun mode
she pointed out every mistake in the presenter's slides..

imagine all the pressure
i'll pee in my pants if i were in her shoes
that was really scary
this is like a big slap on my face...ouch
i have insufficient info..
back to introduction, history facts, explanation,
im having that imbalance feel again
the super insecure feel.

while i was a freshmen,
i remembered i was once questioned by my lecturer till i was speechless
i was unprepared, unsure, drop dead blur and the 1st group to present...
wtf..no one tell me what to do..
apalah senior sekalian, jaga ur junior a bit can ?
i look like a dungu...
Im so gonna die...

i have exactly 7 days till my presentation
is there enough endurance to let me overcome the great stress?
this time i must be very firm and sure about the explanation to avoid being question by my lecturer.

i rush straight to the library after class for additional references and info about my poem
nah..books are limited again

Align Center only manage to find one paragraph related to my topic

anyone going to new era college tomorrow?
i need the reference books badly

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