Sunday, 26 April 2009

1st sub-Book of Odes

Book of odes
i would rather call it book of odd-ass
cuz it a pain in my ass

no tips given from our lecturer
we were asked to read every single poetry from the book.
this is where our pain came from,cuz it has over 300 poetry..
14 weeks of lecture and tutorial classes cover less than a hundred.
blardy not a scanner...

I tried reading it, understanding it, writing short notes
but heck im getting headache before im done with the 1st chapter
where's the panadol???

The night before exam
sinus struck,
i sleep for only 3 hours
i looks like a zombie the next morning
swollen eyes and red nose..

Exam day,
a saturday that im supposed to be in bed sleeping
yea...good arrangement

I lost 25 marks cuz i give a seriously terpesong answer
Suppose to be a mourning poetry and i mistaken it as a poverty poetry
im so dead..i dont think that my lecturer is kind enough to give compassion marks down five more to go...

Gonna continue my revision..
All the best to my friends..


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