Monday, 6 April 2009

Japanese Presentation + Oral Test+ Mid term

This sem we were ask to prepare a 10 minute sketch instead of singing J-Pop like last sem Script of course is in Japanese and we have to write it ourselves.
plus, no looking at the script during the presentation.
Yea..memorising the script is the tough part.

This is our story line:

We knew each other since young and then separated after graduating high schl

when did i take up ballet?
impossible seeing my wearing such short skirt

each of us are so occupied with our studies we hardly have time to meet up,
so one day leafong(me) emailed them and ask them to come over during the semester break.

Here, take a look at the group pic after the presentation
our presentation went well
we manage to memorize our script..

Scored: 7.9/10.0


Thanks to our sensei for editing our script several times.

Thanks YaHui for the hilarious Power point.

Thanks Choi Hoon for all the illustration.

Oral test

Before the test

We were told to prepare a brief introduction before the oral starts

1 passage to read

3 question to answer
prepare for 3-4 katagana in the passage..

to be honest..
till now i still cant regconize all the katagana script...

It was a painful wait..

Since we go according to the name list

looking at my friends coming out with a disappointed face

this really worries me

they told me the question have nothing to do with the lesson we have learnt how im going to prepare..
nah...just absorb all the vocabulary that I've learnt before

but heck...all my last minute entry bounce back..

went in,
greeted my sensei

先生 こにちわ (Good Afternoon , sensei)

give him a short introduction of myself

わたしは leafong  です (Im LeaFong)
どうぞ よろしくお願いします( Please to meet u)

なんにを すきですか?(What do u like?)
ちゅごく ぶんがく すきです。(Chinese literature)

これわ よんでください (please read this passage)

im trying my best to read as fluently as possible...
suddenly katagana pop out and i was trying to read it...
oo...department down
then another one...a-me-ri-ka
im so lucky that there's only 2 katagana in my passage

Guess my session was quite ok..
dont need to retest.. relief..
Scored: 8.4/10.0

Mid Term

This is the most heart breaking result

It was an open book test
and i didnt open my book... ironic
saw my friends score like nobody business
and i only got 6.8/ 10.0
shit...guess honesty doesnt work this time
no point crying over spilled milk

next time when my lecturer say is an open book test
O-P-E-N ur book and look for all the freaking answer..


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