Monday, 27 April 2009

Study Week

....This is a late entry....

hello greetings from home

(caution: Don't drool while looking at the food.)

For the first time i went back to my house during study week
i was supposed to go back for a few days
but i end up staying there for a entire week.

During a week stay
my dad brought me for me favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner

Then while my dad was away for business trip
my mom cooked all my favourite food for dinner and lunch...

better finish everything...
finish the whole pot ar?
dun pretend la ...girl...

well..apart from the good food and nice surrounding
i did not get carried away and manage to study
until i get really tired of some subject
ie book of odes that is on saturday

I got a surprise visit from my aunts on Wednesday
my aunts said they are on the way when my mom and i was having lunch
so that means we have to eat, cleaned up, bath , i mean do everything with lightning speed
before my mom was ready im already waiting for her inside the car..
yea...i cant wait to see them

i miss my aunts terribly
so so so so so so glad they are coming over
they are able to find the way this why im so so so so so proud of them
extremely good sense of direction
im in euphoria please dun wake me up
ehem...enough of crap

so after crapping and touring my lovely comfortable home
we went to secret recipe beramai-ramai
3 tables were joined everyone was happy
and i can forget my studies stress for that moment.
yea..that moment only..

i hugged my aunts goodbye before they leave
i notice the person sitting in the next car kept staring at us,
what?Never see ppl hug before ar?
Go back hug ur parents la..

It was mom's birthday
after packing all my stuff
i gave my mom a treat as i promise her earlier

u got so much money meh?
Yea, i got some saving cuz i didn't simply spend
that's my good girl..

we headed to the newly open San Francisco Pizza nearby
nice ambiance, lotsa choices to choose from but the food taste horrible.

One fish and chips, one mushroom soup , one spaghetti ,one coffee and one lime juice
other than the beverage the food is kinda yucky
the total is around 50 bucks
wahlau...daylight robbery la..

Dear shop owner, if u gonna charge that expensive please produce some quality food la ok..

Im not going to give a below average treat for my mom's birthday
sounds insincere right
so we proceed to secret recipe

mom: girl a lot of money man..going for second round
eh, ur bday leh...dun wanna give u a lousy treat..
this what i called quality food..
we shared a piece of tiramisu

suddenly i heard some sc staff singing from the kitchen

wahai kawan kawan,
kalau nak bernyanyi pergi la karaoke
Jika suara anda merdu, bertandinglah di Akademi Fantasia atau One In a Million
Tetapi suara anda sumbang dan menyebabkan pencemaran bunyi
oleh itu,demi kebaikan orang ramai,
sila hentikan nyanyian anda sekarang juga sebelum kami melontar telur ayam di muka anda
Berlatihlah bersungguh-sungguh sebelum bernyanyi di depan pelanggan.
semoga berjaya.

This is not the 1st time they are doing so
i get irritated when im in a chat with my mom.
Shut up laR~~~~

Happy Birthday to u Ma..
hope u enjoy the treat..
and thanks for all the nourishing food..

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