Monday, 8 June 2009

1st week of Year 3

I supposed some of you thought i've vanished in thin air for the past week
well to be honest nobody gonna stay back after class
apatah lagi blogging.

hello, its the 1st week of the sem
most of us are still in the holiday mood
and not forget to mention that this is the only week for us to go ANYWHERE without worrying about our deadline...
1 week of freedom means a lot to me..

Went out with edmond for brunch
chat about old time orchestra
my love of all time..

Brought Lit Kween around PJ
since is his 1st day coming down and he'll start his intern from monday
All the best to u and dont jiak zhuar while working..


Lit Kween join me for dinner together with my housemates
that 3 guys counter attack me..
kanasai...what on earth..

then at night Hong Chan , Andy come over to take us out for yam cha session
Guess im very comfortable being around guys

Went for Night At the Museum at Pavilion
this is a really small world
know y..cuz i bumped into Jun Lin in the monorail...
some time ago i bumped into him at tasik selatan
i wonder where else will i bumped into him next time
bus terminal? air port?
hey meet up one day k..
i mean it...

the movie was hilarious
minus the irritating person sitting next to me
she kept laughing for the whole movie
my mood was kinda affected..

ah moi, tak lawak eh...ketawa wuat ape??

tak faham bahasa inggeris ke?

susah tau duduk sebelah u??

Soon after reaching home
i mean after putting my bag on the chair
Jon and Rae were at my door step
went out for Sweenson Ice cream
1st time meeting Rachel
she's so soft spoken and sweet
Jon is such a lucky guy...
They brought me souvenirs from Vietnam
hehe...thanks guys..

Soon after class
i headed to the monorail
went to lovis place for yang qin practice

My skills are rusty
i've abandoned my yang qin for quite long
sigh...all my skills are already down the drain
lovis is so patience to guide me through the whole song

after practicing for the whole afternoon
we went to ktar for orchestra rehearsal
dead...i cant follow the orchestra at first
haiz...this is what happen when i hav insufficient amount of practice

Thanks Wei nee for sending me back..
i'll be joining Ktar's Chinese orchestra concert end of this june

Another movie day
3 handsome guys...yea..they asked me to call them so
Chon Sern, Hong Chan and Andy waited for me for almost half an hour
sorry eh.

supposed to watch 17 again but end up watching Angel & Demon

Time for some serious business
i went all the way to new era collage to look for my thesis material
Didnt have enough time to read eh...
manage to read 1 and a half

As soon as i reach home
i fall dead on my bed from 8am till the next day 11am
see how tired i am after going out non stop every single day

Yea..i had a fun filled week
time to stay focus from 2nd week onwards...
assignment are stacking up


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