Sunday, 14 June 2009

Gifted talent

Talent is a gift from god
either u have it or u dont have any of it..
I always admire people who has extraordinary talent in art,
im a girl that my arts suck...
so one day my Taiwanese friend ask me to send a pic of mine to him..
and after half and hour this is what he sent back to me...

this was drew by him.
it was a sweet move and totally unexpected...
so when i told him that my lips colour is too red...

me: 同学你把我的画得嘴唇太红了。。

him: 用唇膏涂得那样红不就可以了咯。。

me: swt..冒汗~~~

thanks again...
blow u kisses..
can i borrow some of ur talent one day?

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