Tuesday, 30 June 2009


sorry friends
i've been busy for the entire week going for orchestra practice
since everything is over by now
i have all the time to update all my wonderful moments
stay tune.

Its been a long long long long long time until i couldnt remember when was the last time i hang out with Elaine,
This is our girl's day out after such a long time,
Elaine pick me up after class.

Yea, she's drove to one utama
i admire her guts cuz she just passed her driving test 3 months ago..
my precious life is in her hands..
turn out she is a "skillful" driver...
damn ganas...

Gracious god..we reach one utama safe and sound..
we started hunting for food..
tired with fast food and we decided to take something light
we search high and low , floor by floor until HoneyMoon came in and draw us closer

The ambiance was cosy and the setting really makes u feel at home
they serve a large variety of dessert aka tong shui,
it really took us some time to place our order
so many choices to choose from
as for the price it's slightly expensive than other places
this is a price for extra comfort, quality and service.

The ginger egg with milk taste heavenly and the portion is quite generous
Damn, im coming back for sure..
im craving for this dessert already

When the dessert is served we couldnt stop talking
been apart for so long and too much things to catch up..
a girls day's out never end without GOSSIPING...
haha...we had so much fun together

As the time is still early
We went over to neway to burn some time
stretching our vocals to the max
Oldies are my all time favourite..
Dont faint if u hear me singing ShangHai Beach..

Here are some of our picture for the day

This is only our plan for the afternoon
soon after that we headed back to my place ,
pick up my housemates and we are going to cheras pasar malam.

Elaine is driving but all of us hav no ideas how to go..
Kept following the Cheras Sign board..
but lucky we still manage to reach...
i tried to ask my friends out who are staying nearby
but none of them are free..
im a little down..maybe im not popular enough..

The crowd was huge..
i can almost suffocate walking through the human flow..
as we squeeze through we bought food along the way
from tid bits, pohpiah, fruit juice, siu mai...
sharing is caring as my friend always says
had asam laksa as our main course.

Our stomach is filled with a variety of food
and it took us more than 30 min of walking to reach the car park
can u imagine how long is cheras pasar malam??

I had great time today...
hope u guys too...
lotsa huggies and kisses...


SoRa said...

HUi seh~ go HONEY moon d some one xD tak bawa saya pergi? looks like fun

LeaF芳 said...

U mau ikut sekali kah ??
I dont wanna be chased by ur fan base...
haha...hang kai one day...

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