Monday, 21 September 2009

Bitchy mouth encounter

Yea i was back in penang for my cousin's wedding
aside from gathering with relatives
i was verbally insulted..
here's the story.

Before the wedding day,
we gathered at our uncle's place..
as soon as my bitchy mouth aunt saw me
she said im getting fatter and fatter. born with this bone frame
expect me to shrink into a smaller bone frame is it?
im not the great magician David Copperfield okay.

i ignored her and continue chatting with other relatives.
then when bitchy mouth aunt saw a child who is my paternal grandmother sis's daughter's grandchild, which is quite fleshy and chubby for her age.
thus she started the good old grandfather stories,
saying that i look exactly like that when i was young.
shit lar..why her words kept revolving me.
i admit was chubby when i was young, but im not over weight.

I think i was three at that time...chubby but adorable. ^^

The next day, after the tea ceremony.
My paternal cousin uncle told us to interact with the group of cousin that we 1st meet,
cause we dont know when we'll be seeing each other again.
well, to be honest, im not the kind person who like to interact with strangers.
but since everyone of us is connected by blood,
no harm getting to know them.
as normal it was a get to know each other session,
we briefly introduce our name and who's children we are.
now here come that part when that bitchy mouth aunt join in and started to talk crap

cousin1:Civil engineer
cousin3:Taking masters

BMA:wah see all of them so clever...she(me) paisey d ..i dont know why u're taking this sorta course, very weird course u know..
me: (looked at her and smile.)
BMA: u're chicken is it? i mean ur zodiac
me: (i stared at at her, chicken normally refer to prostitute) chicken is jack's zodiac and rabbit is my chinese zodiac..
BMA: wah...rabbit very pai si wan..

First impression count,
I really looked like a clown,
putting on a smile for everyone negative words she said
i totally wanna dig a pit and hide in there,
i felt extremely embarrassed.
Not because of the course im persuing
but the way i've being treated by my aunty.
hey, what's wrong with taking chinese studies?
I love my language, stand aside if u cant understand the beauty of the language.

How will my cousin think of me,
maybe they'll think im stupid, immature,
that BM aunt ruin my image with all her negative words.
it was ironic that my own paternal aunt will do so.

Since young she told me im fat,
my hand writing is ugly.
when im grow up she says im obese
and now saying that im a chicken and criticed about the course im taking?
i wonder how many ignorant ppl are out there wondering what im learning in my course.
what do u want from ?
u went too far this time, and im really pissed.

I cant stop swearing in the car
nonsense, why she's so against me?
i never talk back to my eldest,
and now im been treated like a silly donkey.
I cant tolerate no more,
my parents told me i can tell her not to comment about my course when she strikes again.
i sure will. blardy hell...y dont she looked at her own children.

I cried badly through the whole journey back to the hotel,
feeling very ashamed, and depressed,
hey, i work hard to maintain my grades
as far as i know,
only rain drops and rubbish will fall from the sky but not my certs.

now u're the 1st person to enter my hate list.
I hate u from now on till forever, till u're six feet under.
i mean my words.
Dont mess with me again.

my dad actually personally told that bitchy mouth fella not to comment about my course after the wedding dinner...
huahaha...i never thought my dad will do so, thanks dad.

maybe next time she'll find other thing to picked on.
wait and see, i'll keep u update.

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