Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Health Problem

Recently my gastric problem recur
This is im not sure whether it's due to study stress or my daily diet.

Let me show u how high my study stress is,
stuck with assignment and report at the last week of semester
Face final without any tips..
yea..our scope is pretty wide and we're expected to be a examination machine...
can anyone implant all my exam related microchip into my brain?

Normally I have oats and coffee for breakfast,
bread for lunch, milo for tea break, proper food during dinner.
Sometimes supper with my mates.

I dont know where went wrong
one day i puked everything out after dinner...

This reminds me of fainting in the toilet during secondary schl..
yea..during my form 5 when i was so stressed up with my studies..
and not long ago i fainting while i was walking across the road..
i was lucky that no cars where passing by the crucial moment...
so and then i was rushed to the emergency ward..
Blood sample, urine sample were taken..
Blood pressure , body temperature were measured

my parents were so worried they even bring my to a heart specialist to make sure that's nothing wrong with my heart..
Im worried..give me some help.
What should i do ?

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