Wednesday, 16 September 2009

E& T specialist

Having nasal sinusitis since young
Im very particular in most things
No dusty places, change of weather, ect ect.

I bring my nasal medication whenever i go..
Recently i found out that my medication dont seem to work
cuz im having my sinus attack every 2 days..
blocked nose, teary eyes, building a mountain of wantan
maybe someone might think im a H1N1 carrier..

So i old my parents about my condition..
hopping that i wont be bringing the whole box of tissue paper to the examination hall
Went to Sunway medical Centre to consult a E & T specialist on Saturday
normal procedure , take number, filled in the particular form,waited to be called.
as soon as the Nurse call me Lean Fong
i was kinda irritated..sigh...what wrong with them?
my name is Lea Fong, dun need to add an extra N to my name ok
im sure she's having reading problem
it's isnt that hard to pronounce L-E-A right?

My 1st meeting with that so called specialist was kinda remarkable
the moment i stepped in the clinic
our conversation as below

Doc: How long u been having this problem ?
Me: Since i was 6.
Doc: So better operate, it's just a minor wan,
Me: (..........?????)
Doc: Im very expert at this, i worked at the General hospital for N years, saw lotsa very serious cases and im able to cure them. I can assure u that the percentage of recovery is higher than 80%. * passed an newspaper article to my parents
Me: (stunned..)
Doc: Have you been check with this medical instrument before?
Me: yea..(hey , penang got lotsa good doctors...think im Ah Lean is it ?)
Doc: i think i better arrange u for a CT scan.
Me: ( canggih need to scan some more)

he told me that i better operate it and cure my sinusitis once and for all
Mah, siao ar..wan me to operate??
if i wanted do so, i already operate it when i was young
after that CT scan thingy
that doc told me that my condition wasnt so bad after all..

phew..that was a total relief..
who jump to conclusion in the 1st place?
scare me to death..
then he some more ask me whether i use my nasal spray the correct way not?
wt??? insert nasal spray to nasal and then spray la..
if not insert it to my anus is it?
siao betul...

kanasai, this so call state of the art nasal spray cost me more than 100 bucks
i wonder how many percent went to his pocket
Bo bian, im having this problem..

This fella's professional etiquette is zero to me
he looks more like a sales man than a specialist
he promotes his skills rather then getting to know about patience's condition.
come on la...that's what u learn during med schl is it?
u'll be more successful in the direct selling line.

anyway it will be my first and last time,
I wont to be going there again.

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