Friday, 25 September 2009

D- day

drum rolls please...
exam is finally over...

first and for most,
i wanna drop dead on my bed,
pampered myself with good food,
and hang out with my group of friends..
any brilliant plans guys??

God, i can really have a good rest,
U dont know how stressed am i for the entire exam period
insomnia, moody , lost motivation,sinusitis attact before the last day of exam.
lucky im still able to answer but with panda eyes.

For every paper i sat for, i've been rushing againt time during the 2 hour period.
I hope that my lecturer are able to read my artistic hand writing.
This is i dun dare to predict how my result would be, so it is in the hands of god..i mean my dear beloved lecturer. huahahaha...i cant believe im saying this.

So happy holiday friends.
Enjoy ur 3 months break.

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