Sunday, 11 September 2011

260811 Sedaya Graduation Night

One day, Zeboss suggested to hold this year's graduation ceremony in the hotel. Then i was assigned to form my committee to come out with the games. Should be no problem with that as my students were very co-operative and willing to help out, and most importantly they are obedient . Everything went well over the week until i saw the detail of works for the teachers, my name were stated at the Games MC column and also the decoration column. And the event is only a week away, i pushed my panic button. I need time to prepare the script, figure out how to decorate the ballroom. Seriously I dont have much time left, why didnt they inform me in advance? A superwoman, I am not. And why in the first place did they pick a Mandarin teacher as the MC? I'm sure that the English teachers speak better English than me.

On that praticular day (26/8/11) , after seeking permission from Zeboss I took my students out to decorate the ballroom. But to my surpirse, the ballroom blacked out while we were blowing the balloons  and got no choice but to decorate in the dark. Ironically, the rest of the ballroom were working well. Did they did it on purpose or what? Time was not on our side as school dismissed earlier on Friday and i was stucked in the jam while driving back to school.

Then I was stuck in the jam again while on the way to the hotel, it was the hari raya cum school holiday jam. Then some random dude from the car in front waved to me,speechless..not like im wearing anything revealing.

#My outfit for the event.
Tell me Is this very revealing?


 #It turn out quite well after they switch on the lights.


 #with my girls

 #with my boys

Overall, the games went smoothly and I couldn't have done this without my students' help. I owe them a big thank you for their effort and time. You cant imagine what we had gone through, im thankful enough that the event is finally over.

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