Sunday, 25 September 2011


Somehow I have to let this out of my chest, or else I cant have a good night sleep. Not long ago, I saw this on my secondary school facebook group. My ex teacher asked alumni especially those who are studying OVERSEAS to contribute articles about their current studying experience for this year's school magazine, in order to give a clearer overview and also to further motivate my juniors. Great intention isn't it? I wanted to write in as well. But look closely, she said she preferred those who are studying O-V-E-R-S-E-A-S.

This definitely rings a bell and reminds me of what had occurred few years back. When I was studying in UTAR, the same thing happened. My junior who was the editor for the magazine asked me whether I could contribute some articles for the magazine. Without hesitation I agree to do so and gave her an article the following week. However, my junior told me that my article was rejected as the teacher said my article wasn't up to standard for a student who is taking Chinese studies. Instead she compared my work to another Alumni who is a Peking University Phd holder and author. I was aware of my flaws and there were room for improvement. But why did she compared the work of a Undergraduate with a Phd holder. I was still a student and my senior is already an renowned author. It's ridiculous. My junior felt so bad for me and even apologized for giving me the trouble. Actually, she is not the one to be blame, just that the teacher has different point of view. Yea, it's rather subjective and bizarre enough though.

Now I totally got her point, she thinks those who are studying abroad are MORE important. No wonder she rejected my article, it was because I am studying LOCALLY. So is she indirectly saying those who are studying locally are less important. Hence, that means my school is a failure as it only produce a hand-full of JPA scholarship receiver? How many of us without scholarship can really afford to study abroad? Did anyone thought of the currency exchange, living cost, peer pressure, different culture and lifestyle, homesick that they have to go through if they choose to study abroad. Are they strong enough to endure such difficulties?

Everyone would love to experience the different culture overseas. If you have the chance to study abroad, go ahead, make your parents proud. On the other hand, it doesn't means that those who are studying locally wont be successful in life. It's just another stereotype. Please do not under estimate our ability, you can never predict what we will be in the future.

No offence, it's just my thoughts.Feel much better now, good night people.

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