Friday, 16 September 2011

T Forty Two @ Empire Gallery

Hi peeps, Happy Malaysia Day. Im enjoying my long awaited weekend~
Not long ago, Mom and I decided to have our tea time at T Forty Two. Their menu display a wide range of food which comprise of salad, soup, croques, sandwiches, dessert, and hot and cold beverage. The shop is just next to Madam Kwan. Here are some pic taken on that day~

#My bangs are getting longer day by day

 #The waiter handed us the menu
and I seriously cant make up my mind~
huge variety of food to choose from

#Cosy and relaxing ambience.

#Mom's cafe mocha

#Chocolate Drink,
Love their thick rich chocolate
for choco lover like me, 
this is a must try

#Chicken pie, the filling is too blend, 
guess they did put enough seasoning

#Double cheese thingy but i dun remember the name,
Im somehow very disappointed with this,
it's too hard and dry,
feel my teeth gonna crack after consuming one.
#Green tea macaroon

# The food was not that impressive,
but I'll definitely go back for their drinks.

1 comment:

debbie chan said...

try their scones and chocolate/strawberry macarons.

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