Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chatime Buy 1 free 1 promotion @ Subang Parade

While having my dinner in Penang Nyoya I noticed the crowd at Chatime is getting longer and longer. Due to curiousity, I went over to have a look. 

#Now i know why, who can resists such attractive promotion?
 my eyes went bigger when I saw BUY 1 FREE 1..
Curiousity benefited the cat

#A variety of Drinks to choose from,
any recommendation?

 #ChaTime Pearl Milk Tea,
the milk tea is quite mild and they give a generous amount of pearl,
my mouth is sore after chewing down on the pearls.

 #I finally laid my hands on chatime,
i have no problem sleeping after drinking milktea at night,
good news for me.

#While waiting for mom,
I went over to Chatime after work~
 The place is quite peaceful as I can enjoy my drink without worrying waiter will spill something on me

 #Drink of the day Taro pudding,
the taste was okay but the pudding is delicious,
 But i prefer pudding more than the pearls.
Perhaps my teeth are too lazy to chew on the pearl.


Jerome令狐 said...

yer ...我错过了><

Uchi kay-f @hmad said...

how much ?

Lea芳 said...


@Uchi Kay-f @hmad
The pearl milk tea that I ordered is RM5.90. =D

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