Monday, 12 January 2009

First day of uni

hello friends... 3 months of holidays are over...

Really cant believe that im already in Year 2 Sem 2
time just past with a wink of an eye..
this means i gonna graduate next may..
i do hope that i'll do better in this semester
try to pull up my cgpa as usual
i strongly believe that we student have to study hard and play hard at the same time
by doing so studying hard wont turn us into nerds

haiya...dont give excuses to curi tulang..stay focus

hello, student also human alright...we need our breathing place, cant breathe properly with all the books pilling up my chest.. be a bit more understanding la

Our syallabus are getting harder
there'll be 6 subject this semester
  • Book of odes
  • Chinese Classical novel
  • Modern Chinese Language
  • Modern Chinese Thought
  • Selected texts from Han, Wei & Six Dynasties Period
  • Japanese II
Most of our lecturer are kinda strict with their marking method
one even claim herself as "killer of chinese studies"
please...dont kill fail me...i'll be good...

know what ms Hoe gonna be teaching us AGAIN
most of us are scare of her..
since she is super duper strict to us during year one semester one
last year she taught us selection of ci poetry
i saw a different side of her...
especially her advice for us..
the meaning hidden between words
if u can catch the meaning
to the point and it's so freaking true but most ppl will turn deaf ear

Mixed feeling flooded over me for this semester
firstly, im glad that i've come so far and i'll continue my road less taken
but at the same time it is heart breaking for me to say good bye to someone that i know since the day i've enter uni
yea..she's gonna leave...and im here all alone
i really wanted to cry when she told me that she's going to quit due to financial problem
imagine being in the same group since year 1, going to uni together almost everyday, hanged out almost every week
although there are clashes of opinion once in a while
but still it's really sad to see her go,
not able to graduate together
but as i say life has to go on, and i have to get over it
leafongism still stand strong...

For siew chyn and lee ling
I cant thanked u more for letting me join ur assignment group
It means a lot to me..
Hopefully there'll be lotsa sparkle when we're working as a team

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