Monday, 19 January 2009


short talk:

After being in uni for 4 semester
this are some useful tips to survive in a university
in order to be recognize, one must AT LEAST have 1 criteria below:
if u are not a smart ass, no one wanna be the same group with u, they don't need to u drag down their cgpa.
If u don't have a car, nobody wanna hang out with u, cuz transport is not provided.
If u are not good-looking or well dressed, no one gonna approach u.
If u are not well-to-do no one gonna eat with u, cuz they wont get a free meal.
If u are not popular, u will be the last to know everything, no one gonna inform u, cuz they totally didnt think about u.

so when u don't have any of the criteria above and people is still really nice to u,
this is so called true friends,make sure u treasure them like gold

how ironic, but hey this are their true colour,so open ur eyes really big when u choose your group of friends..


For this sem
most of my assignment are after week 10
frankly speaking im not too happy with this
cause as we present, our lecturer gonna set higher marking standard

good- more time to prepare..nah..but my lecturers are so stingy with marks...
cons- when this session gonna end? less time to study for not a computer last minute person

checked cnki for some additional reference
wooi...didnt pay them is it?
how come every pdf file we click cant be open?
*pekcek....complaint complaint*

most of our reference book are at our main campus-kampar
my juniors, better make sure u use full use of the books...
so we have to buy our own
imagine doing assignment without convincing phrases from famous philosopher and poet
the insecurity is there and lecturer gonna give us one kind of looks..
like are-you-sure-this-is-all-u-can-give look...
most of our lecturer are super strict
burnt a hole in my pocket today
nevermind la new year can cover back my expenses
give me a big angpao k
slightly bbq skin after walking to several book stall under the hot sun
have to sacrifice a bit for our assignment sake..
to my skin-really sorry.. i apply lotsa body lotion and mask when we get home k...
we cant find the books we want at normal book stall like MPH, POPULAR, BORDERS
looks like I'll be going to new era college to look for more info regarding my topic..

guys,how about this week?

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