Thursday, 22 January 2009

close for chinese new year

hey what the heck now?at first the toilet cant flush
followed by the cleaner cleaning the toilet at weird hours
and now the entire toilet is close?
bad time management or u guys obviously dont have a brain

wah..expect us to hold our urine for the whole day..
feel so sorry for our bladder

we chinese are going to celebrate our chinese new year
so toilet also need to close for new year la?
imagine hanging a note outside "close for chinese new year"?!!!
clearance sale? better call indah water to suck up all those shit

there are 91 student in our batch
plus our senior..
i think there will be around 300 students holding their urine
its very bad for health u know....ish...
next time better bring adult pampers or a bottle along
incase some one cant stand anymore..

then i decide to take a pic and blog about it

while my friend was waiting for me

the guard approached and asked my friend : "mengapa dia ambil gambar?" means why is she taking picture

cannot take photo meh? agains the rules ar? scare i land them in deep shit is it?

can the authorities do something about that? Please?
i want the toilet back...
cuz i need to pee pee...


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