Saturday, 24 January 2009

shopping spree accompanied with great food

Eh em...let me see what I've bought for this Chinese new year

checked list

all jeans looks the same i'll be skipping this part



Clutch bag
my shopping this year sounds a little crazy
i've been shopping from butterworth to jogja, indonesia till bangsar village.. did my shopping at 3 different places
call me the goddess of shopping...orz orz orz orz
nah..this only happen once a year when i turn on my shopaholic mode...

food and shopping are always a good combination
especially when u get tired of shopping
u would look for a cosy place to pampered urself with mouth watering pastries
forget about the calories,its so hard to resist food like this:

High-tea at bangsar

This was the finest ice cappuccino and white and dark chocalate cake that i tasted so far.
The carrot cake that my mom ordered was equally nice.

Pre new year dinner at Jogja
with lotsa warm welcome from the staff, nice ambience, good food...wulala..
i wont mind to put on some weight

Thanks to my parents for bringing me everywhere again
Happy chinese new year


conan said...

wah lau... i also want to be pampered with mouth-watering pastries... next time bring me along, i don mind helping u to carry the shopping luggage...

haha... don bite me...

Happy Chinese New Year!

LeaF芳 said...

happy ox year...

i dont mind u tagging along...
it would be nice if someone is willing to pay for the shopping n food...huahaha....
must make good use of ur credit card...

chunsia said...

i like ur clutch bag~!

chek min said...

food for chinese new year too ??

LeaF芳 said...

chun sia
my kinda clutch back can be seen at pacific, butterworth.

chek min
a lot of food right?
live to eat..huahaha

anyway happy chinese new year to u guys..

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