Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's you again...

while my friends are busy trying clothes and i was looking around
suddenly someone hit me from my right
what on mosquito on my hand also not need to hit so hard kua...pain wan u know

lewching : come u're here...
me : today dont have class come jalan jalan lor...
lewching : couldn't believe im able to meet u again...
me :yalor yalor...come better take pics and remember this moment

*posing...snap snap snap*

OMG...i met lew ching for the second time in time square
totally unexpected
i thought i only bumped into old class mate for only once
well this is so called fate...

so far I've already met lee wei, zhi yi, chun fai, siow ping there,
haha or time square is a hotspot for bumping into old friends..
maybe time square can change their name into time machine...

lew ching sat next to me during form 5
she is always a happy-go-lucky person
and always kind enough to let me copy her add math homework
so thoughtful of her
kids out there this is a bad example..
no choice math subject sucked like mad..
thanked god all the torturing days are over...
although i attend tuition class but i still couldn't understand..
sometimes im even ashamed to tell people that i came from a chinese schl
because everyone assume that we are super brilliant at math subject
frankly speaking most of them are good , but im not even close...
mempersiasuikan...i apologized to all my math teacher who once taught me..

here are the pictures..

who will i bumped into next time?
probably you?


Anonymous said...

哎我的add math也是烂到好像粪一样。。哈哈。。

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