Friday, 13 March 2009

Bad Day...

Bad things come in full package
don't doubt me..its true
so blardy-freaking-true...
It's 3 unwanted wishes that u never want
and it happen lightning fast ..
although u wont wanna believe
but trust me this is harder than winning a lucky draw..
the probability is 1:10000000000000

my team mate throw her temper at me
saying that i didnt learn from the other group
me: different topic to learn? wanna copy exactly hor??
everyone is under stress
but no need to be so harsh on me right...
im also having my own problem to deal with..

my symbols went missing after teaching my course mate to do so
then she flee and i was left alone..
im speechless and doesn't know how to respond to such error..
u know what my friend told me..

aiyah...easy only lar...format ur computer lar~~~

me : siao ar..~!@#$%^&*()(*

my housemate accidentally shut off power of my laptop
what ?? yea..he tak senaja-ly tertutup..
I'm almost in tears...
i wanna go home...i want my mom...sob..
sigh...why do this happened to me ???
but when the 3rd bad thing had finally happen
something good actually happen
1st case
she apologized to me.

2nd case
my housemate send me the ms 2007 setup
and symbols are there...
thank god..

3rd case
lucky ms words have auto recovery...
my assignment was still there
just like where i typed before..
if not i'll gonna ask him to retype my entire assignment~~~

memo to myself:
when things happen try to remain calm and dont jump to conclusion

so when the same situation happen again

*choy...touch wood
i'll be able to handle it...

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