Monday, 23 March 2009

Balancing study stress

This is a crucial moment for us
finals is around the corner
still there are unfinished assignments and presentations
plus we have to submit our thesis topic within 2 weeks
guess it's hard balancing all this at once.

thus, this is when study stress struck in
when u're in a totally bad mood
do not show a long face 24-7
as if the whole world had did something wrong to u
it will also affect the people around u
some people might even think that
your group of friends mistreated u
pity ur friends who got blame for no reason
where's justice?

so when u're feeling down
put aside ur assignment for a moment
and hang out with ur friends during the weekends.
trusts me...u can feel the difference.
cuz this always works on me
no time to hang out?
at least treat urself for some nice food..
some fast food will do the miracle.

if u dont hav friends
or nobody wanna hang out with u
cuz they thinks u're over calculative, kiam siap aka stingy, and wat so ever
then this is ur problem
get a life..
u're pathetic..

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