Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mid Term

I've just finish my midterm
blardy hell..i was going to scream out loud..

God..i was supposed to wake up like 4am to revise,
but i forgot to set my arlam
what a stupid excuse.
i wanna bang my head againts the great wall of china..
maybe can bring me back to the manchurian dynasty
and i can have a look at the society that time. u guys might think that im having history test huh having chinese modern philosophy..
that means i've to relate the good old history and the "thingy" which makes them came up with a new thought can solve the problem
but if i write all the history facts and missed out the main thought that they came out with
i'll have Z-E-R-O..SHIT....

Now tell me..
how to set a better studying consistency???
yesterday night i was still watching ghost whisperer
dont looks that im concern about my midterm
then until my housemate came in
hey.. arent u supposed to study??
better shut ur computer and S-T-U-D-Y.

i almost kecut aka shirnk
sounds like my mom nagging when i was young
haha...not bad huh
i got human arlam to remind me to focus at my exam..

We were appointed to answer one of the two question
question 1 sounds like a easier one
out of the 3 main point i only manage to write two...
this measn i gonna lost 1/3 of 25 marks
the most i can score is 16 marks

wish me luck..
one down two to go...


夜雨 said...


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Anonymous said...

yeah...i argee lea says...sad also need to life,smile also need to life...better happy everyday...^^ have a nice day...god bless...^8^

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