Monday, 2 March 2009

Please no more

For the past few weeks i was feeling really intimidated and im feeling depressed,
thinking over n over about what my lecturer told me about my last presentation.
today while my friends were fooling around at medicine..
then my lecturer came into the picture and she were kinda shock to see various types of medicine inside my medicine box
actually its not that scary,
antacid for gastric, zyrtec, clarinase, claratine for sinus, ponstan as pain killer.
The medicine can be purchase from any drug store,
even watson's and guardian and selling.

She told me to wear thicker clothes and maybe even wear socks,
bath with warm water so i wont get cold that easily,and i thanked her for her concern.

For me I believe that prevention is better than cure
and im not relying at my medicine
as so i bring my medicine along to make sure im cure before it get worst,
when im alone outside its hard to predict that when my flu gonna occurs

Then while she was teaching the poetry from book of odes
she mentioned my name again
saying dont be like me so easy to fall sick

I was kinda annoyed
and said straight away and directly to my lecturer

"hey..can u please not relate everything to me?"

Dont need to advertise to the whole class that im sick..
i dont need ur sympathy
i've been that way since young
i can take care of myself
i know where and when to take my medication

my friend said it was a bold approach to talk back to her
to be honest im not trying to be disrespectful
im sorry if i make u feel that way..
well..if u were in my shoes how would u feel ?

yala so freaking sick l and so weak...cant live without medicine la hor
medicine is my food source,
dun eat one day then cant survive, perfectly normal
and i only take my medication when im S~I~C~K..
sick=sakit, 生病

Maybe its her way of being nice,
but i dont know.
seems alright but definitely not my type of approach
for the past few weeks she's been commenting about my power point, the info i gather during lecture..
enough is enough..
students are human and we have feelings too.
dont u know about that?

i know some of u might say
this is a way to mould u guys and be well-prepared for the society
Dont be so fragile
accept it with an open heart
yea ok if u were saying about the facts that i can be improve on.
but i think is a personal thing when it comes to health matter.

Is it my fault that i was born with sinus?
Guess no.

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kennhyn said...

chill... just enjoy ur life...

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