Sunday, 15 March 2009

White Valentine

Its been a few months since i meet sora
and finally both of us are free during Saturday..
ehem..yea we're both busy for the past 10 weeks...
i mean for the past year...

Sora arrived soon after i've bought my things
know why? cuz he's late~~~~
we walked from midvalley to gardens eyeing for the most suitable food
to be honest im really H-U-N-G-R-Y at that time..

hey sora, can i eat u??

the food was unbelievable yummy
I'm going back for a second and third fourth fifth time...
but some how the portion is too much for me
didn't manage to finish even i gave half on my rice to Sora
i think the set meal is able to feed 2 people that have a small appetite.

Look at the portion
no joke

after a more-than-my normal-portion meal i couldn't walk straight..
did i gain any weight??
so we walk from the bottom to up left and right from the gardens to midvalley..

then we join in the crowd by going to education fair..
i pretend that I'm a school leaver looking
the funniest part is some guy approach and asked a little over aged k..
walked through some booth
then suddenly i heard a voice from my back ..

guy: miss..are u interested in taking our beauty and make up course??
me: i smiled back at him (thinking :do i look like a person who apply make up?)

god..i almost have a feeling that I'm squeezing through the way at cheras pasar malam
the stale air is giving both of us headache..

He told me that my English sounds pretty Chinese
feels that my English standard dropped dramatically

yoh...cham ang moh become like ah lian lor..

shit...focus too much on "studying Chinese"
better register myself for English classes

here are some pic for the day



im so short standing beside Sora

Sora is nice enough to accompany me till asia jaya
and he have take all the trouble switching from putra line to star line to get back tasik selatan
good guy out for grabs..
lelong lelong ..siapa mau??
for futher inquiry
please contact the number bellow(please highlight)

gotcha... u think i'll really do so huh?

i felt that i've temporarily set aside all my study stress
so any plans for next week?


After i returned home
sora texted me saying that today is white valentine
guys are suppose to give lad chocolate or whatever something like that
so mana saya punya chocolate???
sora now u hutang me chocolate...


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conan said...

i can imagine u walking like a pregnant woman with one hand on yr waist after the meal.. haha.. a good mental preparation for future..

maybe the guy asked u about beauty and make up course because of yr natural beauty that looked like make up? hahaha...

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