Monday, 9 March 2009

Valentine's Day's celebration

It's kinda late for me to wish everyone happy valentine's day
Sorrrrryyyy for the delay..

my valentine's day celebration was divided into 2 session
one with my friends after class
and another one at night with my parents the ultimate light bulb

after attending 5 hours of Japanese class
my butt is almost numb.
since 3 of us are single..
we decided to pampered ourselves with comfort food
we headed to Jaya One and we choosed Brisik as our makan point

As soon as we stepped in
we were mesmerise by the cosy ambiance and soothing music
it keep our mind appease and away from the hustle bustle life
not to mention that the Balinese setting and made us feeling like we're by the beach enjoying our wonderful meal
heck...wake up...u're in malaysia..
i was back into reality after dreaming for exactly 1 minute..

Not forget to mention about the food..
wow..i saliva almost flow while looking through their menu
since it's kinda hard to explain please refer to the pic below..
and not forgetting to mention they have student package during weekday..
so when u think u're S-I-E-N with the mamak food...
pop in and have a change...

Before leaving, leeling gives us some chocolate to sweeten our day..
so nice of her...
give u one valentine'sday kiss to u..
For the main event
my parents picked me up around 7pm
they decided to try out the newly open imperial garden
we are able to see the entire PJ night scene through their class window..
the atmosphere is very impressive and classy..
even their waitresses and captain have their certain standard

for the food...thumbs up..
this is what i like about fine dining...
mom, dad,can we go there more often?

grab a bowl of white rice and imagine that u're eating the food as in the picture above
im feeling hungry already...
where to find rice huh??
never mind la white bread will do...


夜雨 said...

照片拍到你脸有点胖胖的!哈哈!kawaii ne

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