Sunday, 7 August 2011

Exam blues

Hi peeps, enjoying your weekend?

It has been a week of invigilating and marking test papers. From my past experience, invigilating is more tiring than teaching. As I'll be walking around the class, attending to students who need extra answer sheets.

I know STUDYING =STUdent + DYING. I seem to more stressed out than my students as my pimples are popping and dandruff are falling like snowflakes, arghhh. I had tried my best to help them, hope my students gonna do well.*finger crossed*

However, when I started marking the marks are way far from satisfactory, *bang walls* my heart dropped into the bottom of the valley. Sigh, is it my fault or they are just not interested? Kaolat, looks like it's my turn to write report to explain why the passing rates are low. This is very sad and disappointing if you read my emo post few days back, it's about the grades.

Few days back, while I was rushing against time to do revision with my students, some of them were willing to ask if they still had doubts about the subject, im more than happy to clear their doubts. But, some just ignored and happily think mandarin is not important and they even tell me that it's a useless subject. =.= how disrespectful and im kinda immune with this sorta remarks.

Now it's not easy being a language teacher, as most students are more focused on maths and science subject. Hence, the standard of language is slowly deteriorating as less people emphasized on the importance of language. They will be okay in daily conversation, but they gonna looked awful on paper. I can shower them with knowledge but if they are not willing to absorb, I cant do anything.

Are there any more effective method to study?
I need help~


Niccc said...

Maybe you can try to have a give away contest!haha! No one can reject free gifts i think. well, no one can reject the free gifts i think. xD Students can make your gift as your target so they will go and learn up and get a good marks. :-) But the gift must attractive enough la. ahhahah! sorry for disturbing here. just giving my opinion. :-) visit my site and perhaps you can give some opinion for my further education.

Lea芳 said...

Good idea, but what kinda gifts students like nowadays? Thanks for your suggestion ^^

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