Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tea Time special @ Secret Recipe

Feeling tired and stressful as work load builds up while deadline is banging at your door? I know exactly how you feel because this is how my life is for the past few months. Endless work to do, seriously sleep deprived  !@#$^%^&*()_+ *pulls hair* *bangs wall* I know school holiday is around the corner, but work waves its hand to me every single minute. Seriously, I dont have a life. FML =.=

#Aloha~How was your holiday?
I spent the entire day at home busy marking my students work. TT4TT
Food therapy is always my cure,
Being moody and grumpy,
yea I am complaining 24-7,
no bright side for me to look on to,
so Mom and I headed to Secret Recipe.
There are having special promotion during Tea Time(3pm-6pm),
A free cup of coffee/ tea will be served with every slice of cake ordered.

#Black and white Cheese cake,
not really to my liking it's too milky and it's kinda boring eating the same taste.

#Yogurt Cheese Cake~
Highly recommended =D
the texture is light and there's room for dinner after eating this slice of cake.

#Energy drink to keep me awake.
Ok, I'm feeling energized and i gonna continue marking. 
My job as a teacher really makes me like a machine.
I want my life back. TT3TT


Xin@EXTRA LARGE said...

hey cool! i shall hop into SR during tat promotion time :D :D

aina rahim said...

never know there is a tea time special at SR :D I miss the durian cake!

Anyss Han said...

yogurt cheesecake.. looks yummy.. hurmm.. never try it before.. wonder how it taste like.. ^^

ken said...

i think it has already been months since i last time i stepped into a secret recipe outlet.. still love their cheese cakes :)

Niccc said...

Yeaaa. So good that Sr having this promotion. Im SR's fan. ;-)

Lea芳 said...

Hop in while the promotion is still on =D

Haha..i only tried it once,a taste that i couldnt forget, lol

Try it, the top layer is yogurt and the bottom layer is cheese, the ingredients blend pretty well together

True, SR is really famous for their cheesecakes.

Yea, the tea time special is too hard to resist.

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