Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chatime is coming to Subang Parade

As usual, I'll dropped by in Subang Parade after work to get a drink, this time I went over to Gloria Jeans. The place was quiet due to the fasting month, I wonder will they be serving me a larger portion as there were less customers around. XD

#Just ignore my puffy eyes @@,
I had been sleeping pretty late for the past few weeks,
marking my students' test paper and reading through their essay 
ate up my weekends and sleeping time.
Im officially sleep deprived TT4TT
Cant wait for the school holiday to come~

#Ice blended Creme Brule,
the caffeine level was just right.

#Caffe Latte,
the drink was so so only,
still prefer coffee bean's version
at least the aroma is better.

#To my surprise,
Chatime is coming to Subang Parade, yay~
I heard of this taiwan pearl tea franchise but i didnt have the chance to try it yet.
Cant wait to have a chat time at chatime
Any suggestion or recommendation?

1 comment:

ahsai said...

roasted milk tea! bagus! haha!
u can add coffee jelly/pearl/cincau etc..each type add RM1~~~
total each cup RM5.9~~huhu~~
yum yum~
i love chatime!

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