Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Indian Vegetarian Food @ Brickfields

Not long ago, Agnes brought us (Astina, Anita, Cindy and I) to her usual vegetarian shop. However this was slightly different, for the first time I had stuffed tauhu in an Indian restaurant. Well, food has no boundaries.

#Hey peeps, how is youur week so far?
Notice any difference with my hair style?

#I ordered Mango Lassi which was out of the world delicious.
The mango was so pure, I wondered what kinda mango they used.

#Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu aka stuffed tauhu.
It came in a claypot filled with generous portion of soup together with 
stuffed eggplant, stuffed ladies finger, stuffed chili and some beancurd.

#Agnes's vegetarian Nasi Beriyani
I would like to try this out next time.

After we had our satisfying meal , we had quite a hard time focusing on our grammar exam. Due to some miscommunication we had to share the classroom with our Tesol juniors. I believed that my juniors were quite excited during their 1st lesson, they kept asking question after question. Man, I almost wanted to translate their conversation into indirect speech. I know I got carried away. Thus, we end up discussing our answer with each other.


Nava.K said...

The nasi beriyani set is one of the must try, simply delicious.

Lea芳 said...

I would like to give it a try next time ^^

Pou Leen said...

you look really beautiful here! =)

Lea芳 said...

@Pou Leen
Aiyo, Im flattered by your compliment *blush*

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