Monday, 15 August 2011

Picture says a thousand words

I believe picture says a thousand words and this is a useful visual aid while lesson is conducted. As students are able to visualise better with picture rather than just looking at words. This time i decided to do something new in class, I asked my students to help me with the drawing. Fyi, it seems that god forget to pour the artistic part on me. So my drawing skill remains at pre-school level TT4TT.

 #Picasso in the making

 #Hazim, me, Vincent who is standing like a stick=.=

#Hanis , me 

#Fatihah, me & Hanis 

 #Bell bell, me

 #Tada~the master piece~
the flower pot and fishes which were beautifully drawn, 
but somehow the people turned out as naruto character
guess my students are anime fans.

Since my drawing skills are way below average, I admire those who are able to express themselves by drawing. But the bright side is I'm still capable to express my thoughts by words. In short, try not to compare with others on what you do not possess but look deep inside yourself and you might discover your hidden talent.


ken said...

doodling is fun.. it somehow unleash our inner tiny creativity :)

Lea芳 said...

Yea you're right, the only thing im able to doodle is emoticon == @@ T.T

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