Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dim Sum @ The Ming Room, BSC

It's weekends again, Dad is back for the weekend and that means food hunting!! yeah, looks like my blog is slowly transforming into a food blog. Never mind, who doesn't like pampering themselves with good food?

#Admiring the scenery while on my way to Bangsar Shopping Centre,
good thing the traffic was smooth =D
#Traditional Malay music was played while I was there,
it was pleasing to the ears.
I can feel Hari Raya atmosphere approaching.
Dah beli baju raya/kuih raya??
This reminds me of my days Form 6 school days when my Malay friends brought us kuih raya and lemang.XD 

 #We're at The Ming Room for Dim Sum,
the last call will be at 2.30pm
so no hurry =D

#The menu,
look at the items available,
from steamed dim sum , deep fried food, cheong fun, porridge etc etc 
im attempted to order all the dimsum,
Lol, i know my eyes are larger than my stomach.


#Business is good, can you see how crowded it is?
The more the merrier,
so it's not surprising seeing a long queue outside,

Dimsum lovers are patiently waiting for their turn.
#Fried yam stuffed with meat~
one of my favourite.
#BBQ Pork Rib

#Fish fillet, forget the name of the dish. bad

#Cheong Fun,
the flour used was refined it sorta melt in my mouth,
the texture is unforgettable.

#Dim sum~
it's incomplete without having har gau and siu mai on the table.

Although this is not my first time here, it's the quality, authenticity and consistency of food that make us coming back for more. The food here never fails to heal my soul and brighten up my day.


ken said...

so nice! i wish my dad is around in KL too, then he can bring us go makan :)

how much average for 1 basket?

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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