Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Turned over a new leaf

The length of my hair had grown longer and has gone out of shape plus my fringe is getting uglier, so i decided to go for a haircut. I went back to my usual stylist, told her that i wanna maintain my current hair length and my image is in her hands. I got bangs @@''? you must be kidding?? the last time i got bangs was when i was in pre school.

There was once when some dumb ass stylist cut bangs without telling me and the bangs didnt suit me, it was a total nightmare. I wanted to burn down the shop and shave her hair bald. No bangs from that time onwards. 

One thing i like about my current hairstylist is that she is generous with advice as she will teach me how to style my hair after giving me a new look. Unlike some selfish hairstylist that I mentioned earlier who ruined my hairstyle and asked me to figure out myself..sigh =.=

To be frank, thanks to mom Im blessed with very thick hair volume, thus i tend to use up more shampoo and my hair took longer to dry as my hair had grown longer. Yea, you can laugh all you want, at least the chances for me to go bald is slim..LOL.

#voila~my new hairstyle
i feel my head is much lighter and i'll definitely save my usage of shampoo
btw, my mom havnt got used to my bangs yet. rotfl  XD 

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