Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Alive? Survived? Dead? Down the grave?

After sitting for the exam this morning
i think that is my time to die for sure
because i don't have enough time but still got a lot more to write
what i can hope for is our lecturer don't kill me while marking my paper
and my mood are like the pic below

From left to right

When i open the exam paper i was really happy that most of the notes that I've read came out.
I'll try my best to score.
keep writing writing and writing

"you have ten more minutes"
what? ten minutes left?
but i still got lot more to
might as well write with maximum speed but my words looked worst than ever. It's so artistic that is even worst than my year one hand writing..hope my lecturer is able too understand my max speed handwriting.

before i even finish writing the last paragraph
i heard somebody say: "please stop writing...hey...stop writing already!!!tie up the paper with the string."

...25 marks gone...sob...
i gonna bang my chest like king kong does...
see i looks so freaking pekcek and sien..all because of you

~The End~

I guess picture mean more than a thousand words..
all i can do now is just pray to Buddha, Jesus, lord Brahman, Confucius, Lao-tze
Did i missed out any?


Anonymous said...

hahah damn LoL la u~
exam also like so interesting de
hehe.. tat dat i exam 2 hours..finish in 1 hour time xD

totally opposite


Moon Chang said...

Hey! you look cool with spectacle.

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