Friday, 12 September 2008

Four down two more to go

Slept at 4am in the morning
then wake up at 10am
After a quick breakfast im heading straight to the exam hall

This time make sure i answer all the questions in time
but in another hand,i think it's impossible for me to get 25 marks for my translation
sigh...missed out that topic...blame myself for that
lucky i still have other parts so backed me up
hope my lecturer wont be cursing while marking my answer..

Then before i even notice
two hours already gone
i tried my best
its all in gods my lecturer hands
when my head of chinese studies was collecting our answer sheets
he approach me
"You are LeaFong right?" leafong...(put on my sweetest smile)

my so suprised that he remembered my name
We have nearly 100 students in my batch
what on earth??
hey,be nice with ur still wanna graduate right...

I have this awkward feeling after sitting for the exam
its exam blues again...
darn i really dislike this feeling

here's something i write to describe my feelings



Moon Chang said...


.. Simply write one.. I never pass my sec. Chinese paper.

O~hayo, Watashiwa Keanu des.
Oops... I didn't copy Keanu Reeve's name... ;P
Keanu mean mountain wind in Red Indian.
I use 屹风 since long...
Hey! u love japanese song too ah?
Wanna share share?? ;)

LeaF芳 said...

the way of ur 'simply write' is actually quite nice...
if u worked hard last time u'll probably be much much more better than me..

hajime mashite dozo yoroshiku

who's song u normally listen to?

Keanu Tan said...

hajime mashite dozo yoroshiku.

Japanese Song?

due to not much of chance can listen to japanese song or know their name or song name.. So, it is quite hard for me to google for japanese song..

Oops! wanna bring my dog dog to shishi liao.. add me at y!msg later la. i don't always login.. :P

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