Wednesday, 3 September 2008

selfish vs selfless

During this study week
due to some reason
i feel a little mental imbalance

Cant understand why people can keep taking and never give
take as if i owed them so
they think they are everything
and im nothing

A week before that

xx:leafong, can i borrow ur lecture notes?
me:sure, of course..

xx:eh, how come ur notes not complete wan ?
me:hualau...wanna borrow still wanna complain some more

me:can u teach me this topic?
xx:i dont know how

why people are so freaking selfish when its comes to sharing
after all u wont lose anything
this had be bothering me
im willing to share
but what did i get in return??

so a friend told me that
ppl who are K-I-A-S-U will only act this way
way to go...i love this explanation
continue to live ur kiasu life
im still willing to share
but absolutely wont be sharing with any kiasu-ian


Anonymous said...

these are common things happen around, dun worry, just do ur best.

Anonymous said...

mayb er....dun think too much, if u give, give sincerily, if u able to take, take with nice heart, that's all

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