Monday, 1 September 2008

Public manners

sometimes people dont bother if their kids are running around the restaurant like monkeys,
as if their at their own living room
and the parents could so loud talk on the phone as loud as a trumpet as if they would like the whole world to know what's happening
hey, where's ur public manners?
never learn moral is it?(ps...i've been haunted by moral since the day i start reading it..)
its very annoying when this occur while im about to spent the lovely evening with my parents..
this is not a mamak stall alright..

i wonder what they teach their kids at home?
young children behavior normally reflect from their parents,
so monkey see monkey do.
In the end they might be pointing finger at the teachers
complaining about peer influence or teachers are not good enough to be a role model for their kids.
子不教,父之过。。means if the kids are not well thought, is mostly their parents fault
parents play an important role on their kids upbringing
so stop blaming others.

please la..teach ur kids some social etiquette
or else when they grow up it will be a disgrace to the community..


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA xD thx for the translation


really noisy lo, lucky not big dinning area.. really beh pai seh de those ... kiek sei


LeaF芳 said...

sampah masyarakat in the future...

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