Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Exam blues

Don't know why I'm so anxious about the finals
sinus, headache, gastric its all coming back to me...

thanks to the weather
sunshine, rain n sunshine
what can i expect some more?
snow falling down for the sky??
i rather have money falling down from the sky...
nope nope...give me the all the answer instead...

I'm having sinus the entire day..
pop all my medicine but it don't seems to help at all
used up lotsa tissue paper..
getting gastric although I've taken my meal
what is happening to me??
i don't wanna get sick!!!

coffee is going to be my best companion for the next 2 weeks..
to make sure that i wont waste my time loitering in dreamland..
then why I'm still blogging here??
to destress??(good excuse)


conan said...

the food digest very fast as they are all channeled into the brain while u study the whole day.. so keep on eating la.. haha

we wouldn't mind if leaf is round again... wakaka..

take care...

LeaF芳 said...

huh...round again ar??
dont wan can ar?

stress man...
u faster come back la k..
if not dont have ppl to crap with me...

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