Sunday, 21 September 2008


The big day finally arrived...
my finals is over!!!!
i smell freedom in the air..
here is my long awaited holidays...

It had been a torturing period for me
study, wake up, go for exam, come back and study again
repeat this for 3 whole week
this is like i've lost my connection with the outside world
guess im having book phobia at this moment
gonna sleep for an entire week during my holiday
dont call me me sleeping beauty

wahlau...something wrong with leafong...better keep away..

look at my tired face before i take my final subject

Last night i was too tired that i only manage to sleep at 4am
what the beauty sleep...
my freaking eye bag makes me looks like a zombie..
hope i didnt transform into a panda

anyway..happy holiday to my friends...


Anonymous said...

wei holiday jor u went wher o ? like sat jong jor geh?


LeaF芳 said...

my house cant online..
so i will disappear from the cyber world...

Victor said...

Dropped by and leaving a footprint! Happy holidays!

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