Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Exam blues II

Feel reluctant to get up
refuse to wake up after my alarm clock rang
because i don't wanna face my exam
and i would rather stay in my dreamland forever

gosh..this is the last n the hardest subject
Tomorrow will be my last n final day to study
to fail or not to fail that is the question...
choy...of course i don't wanna fail it


dream walking in a land of no worries,
drooling happily.

2.alarm rang
eyes half open ,ignore it and continue sleeping
seeking answer inside my dream
i might able to have a good talk with kong zi, meng zi(from the four confucian classic), and maybe they can explain all of their saying to me..

3.knock knock...
huh...who is knocking at my door?

hey leafong we are going go out later to photocopy some notes and have our lunch...

u be ready ya..

OK..very well..feeling kinda blur..looking for my is in a complete mess..

4.walk straight to the bed
Don't bother d la..
continue sleeping..where is my kuma-kuma?

~The End~

i should overcome my fear and shouldn't be avoiding it
it makes me like a total dumb ass

hey you are 21...don't act like as a 3 year old

if i continue with this kinda negative attitude
it would be a miracle for me to pass the exam with flying colours
so i would just continue dreaming try my best

believe in yourself..u r leafong wat...
u are able to achieve the unreachable


conan said...

kuma kuma is out dating tevez... hehehe...

remember there can be miracles when you beleaf...

Keanu Tan said...

Juz try your best for the time being.. Don't really care about the score anymore.. Top score won't give you any extra in the real life. Sometime, make it relax can score better!!

Studying/Learning in the daily life. Not for exam.. I seldom go and read a book when exam arrived.. (Oops! I'd no mood to take my papers, and i just totally drop few of my papers. And ended up... 100% scoring from papers only, no other sources. I'm not good in language & history, i can't memory text lar..)
It is hard to memory so many thing at one shot. And without practice, It is very hard to memory for long.

So.. RELAX... and do more practice next time! ;)

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