Friday, 22 January 2010

Primary School Friends Reunion Part II

after reaching midvalley i was waiting for shi jie
to my pleasant surprise i saw ming yao walking together with him
i didnt meet her for 10 whole years and now she taller than me..
time really flies huh..
now everyone of us is all grown up,
deciding their own path and walking towards their goal

had lunch at sushi zen
the price is rather reasonable
i like the big wide smile on our face

~after walking around for sometime
meiqi join us for tea time

~my twin dear dear is trying very hard to be taller than me...wahaha
okok...i give face..wah his hair makes him taller than me..
see or not?? *nodded head*

group photo of the day
kai xiang, ming yao, me, twin dear dear

We headed to one utama for dinner


before kai xiang send us home
we went to station one for a round of drink
my stomach is like 3 months pregnant
can hardly walk..haha

~dah kah cheh in the making?
i wonder what will happen if both of us are in the same secondary schl
nobody knows

~i think we looks more approachable this way huh
*nodded head*

it's actually quite an adventurous outing
we been to 3 places in a day, midvalley, one utama and station one
although im drop dead tired but i had great fun with them
cheers for our friendship

hope we'll meet again
hope it isn't 10 years later..


DC said...

"Ten years" reminded me of Eason's song... lol

LeaF芳 said...

haha...nice song from eason..

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