Friday, 8 January 2010

Rice pizza

Bonjour everyone
i've been doing the cooking for the past~wee
wanna let mom have good rest and fulfill my duty as a filial daughter
not easy u know..
i hav to juggle between my thesis and housework and some time to blog
bo eng wan really...
but still got little time to watch tv lar...haha
then i got inspired while ladies first program was teaching how to make use of leftover rice
so i decided to come out with my own version of rice pizza
im just using what's left in the fridge
here it goes

a bowl of rice, whole egg, pasta sauce, mushroom, capsicum and corn.

~step 1

drizzle some oil on the pan
then put in leftovers rice onto the pan
spread the rice evenly

~step 2

add in a whole egg in the rice
and wait for it to turn golden brown
but dun chao da
~step 3

when this side is ready
when u smell the fragrant of the egg
flip it to the other side
but it gonna crumble if the side is not hard enough
so good luck while trying out

~step 4

see this is what happen when i didnt flip it fast enough
haha but at least it's in shape la...
aiseh..nth is perfect in life

~step 5

transfer it onto the oven pan
spread a layer of pasta sauce on the surface
okla..if u wanna spread kao kao also can

~step 6

spread mushroom or other ingredients that u prefer

~step 7

plus another layer of corn

~step 8

add some more capsicum
green or red capsicum gonna make the pizza more colourful

~step 9
let it cooked in the oven for 20 minutes and 220 degrees
so sit back and wait

~voila complete
ready to be served

it's my 1st time using rice to replace flour
so no mess while making the dough
and mom was really happy with this rice pizza thinggy
see mom is happy with my cooking..hehe
all the best to u while trying out

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