Sunday, 3 January 2010

Taiwan no Tabemono

My family and i went for a short trip at taiwan for a week.
Saying about the food in taiwan
it's famous for it local delicacy but i dun have a chance to really try all of it.
know why ?

well, Most of the meal were provided that's why,
our tour guide brought us to the night market after dinner
so i was like, i wanna try but stomach still 90% full.
argghhhh...i wanna go taiwan again to try out other food..

but at least we went to two night market feng jia ye shi and shi lin ye shi
it's more or like those u can find in malaysia,
i prefer the night market concept in taiwan cuz it's neater
the food stalls are in one section and the shopping area are in another corner
thus, ur clothes wont smell like smelly taufu after shopping around...haha..
maybe malaysia pasar malam can adapt this concept

I would like to share with u some of the food that i really enjoy in taiwan...
i realise their food presentation are pretty much like Japanese style
drum rolls please..hehe

this was a 5 course meal
salad as starters,
main dish served together with rice and some side dishes,
orange juice,
cakes and fruits for dessert.

at first, we thought it's we've finish the course after the waiter served us orange juice
mana tau, after that they continue serving us dessert
it was a complete meal and it taste delicious.
satisfied meal~

i ordered set meal again
soup as starters
lemon chicken nuggets-
almond jelly as dessert
as a waffle fan i got very tempted and decided to try it after eating dinner crispy outside and soft inside
a superb combination with whipped cream and honey

this is one of the ice-cream jumbo,
the yam and green tea combo is so so so nice...
and it only cost RM1....
hahaha...cheaper than mcd sundae

that's for now on the food part..
for my next post i gonna update about places that i've visited in taiwan
see ya~~~


Ninja Coffee said...

That ice cream looks delicious. I might be able to hide a weapon there. Thanks to you, I've found the perfect ice cream for ninjas.

redcapitalist said...

People say if we want to try the delicious food, we can't try it in restaurant as it's arranged by the tour agency with the restaurant... I guess the foods you tried aside the road is much more better than those served in restaurant, am I right?...

LeaF芳 said...

Ninja Coffee
good idea..what kinda weapon u gonna keep??

it's so true..
gonna go back next time

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