Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year feast

My aunts decided to dropped by.
and this time they are bringing over my favourite dishes...
what ??? bringing it all the way here?? great...
it might be simple home cooked food but it means a lot to me... is saliva flowing...

while waiting my aunts to arrive,
my mom told me to cut the watermelon
me? cut watermelon?
the watermelon is bigger than my head...

mom said :
there is always 1st time for everything...

so here it goes,
it end up with assorted sizes,
thick slice, thin slice, really uneven size,
maybe i should blame the knife...
hey, chiplak knife, u punya pasal la...ish ish please sharpen the knifes next time..

to be honest,
my aunts played an important role in my life
when mom and dad are working and couldn't be back for the weekend
i'll normally go back to my aunt's place,
there's no place like home,
to me my aunt's place is like my 2nd home..haha
is a home also lar...can mou?
then every night before sleeping
i'll look for my aunts, happily resting my head on their lap and chat till midnight.

when i was young,
dad was working, so mom decided to stay back and take care of me.
i basically spend my 1st 6 years of life staying with them..
they sayang me like how my mom does,
took turns to looked after me when im sick.
so now u can understand why our bonding are so strong.
other than my parents, i believes that they are people that really care about me no matter how i am.
whether im fat, thin,ugly,pretty, poor, rich, im still me..

to be clear, my aunts are my mom's sisters,
not that bitchy-ungly-irritating aunt, that rude fella is my dad's sis
dont get mixed up right...i still tulan her...geram!!!!!
know y im pissed, maybe u can read this to get the full story
here: bithcy mouth encounter

~im waiting and looking ouside on and off
when my aunts gonna reach ???
im hungry

Finally, they arrived.
Food is served.
Bon appetit.

~my favourite dish
vegetarian curry potatoes mutton

~luo han zai


~vegetarian char siew

our small gathering turned out to be like a new year celebration,
these are the people i enjoyed spending time with.
although it's just a simple meal,
but is the sincerity and bonding that really counts.
Just a simple gesture, and i'll feel very much loved.
thanks for waking up early to prepare the yummilicious food.
Merci beaucoup. A bientôt.

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