Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Vacation in Taiwan

During my touring days in taiwan,
i've been to the following places.


~the sunlight is kinda strong,
so i cant really smile when im facing the sun..

Dan shui淡水- Lover's bridge

~the front view of the bridge

~the wind is quite strong and it almost blew off my hat.

TaiChung-The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village 九族文化村

~the map for the theme park

~ Ernie and me~ wee

~Yeah..leafong go round..
i wanna be a kid again..

Hua Lian-Toroko National Park

~Toroko National Park,
wanted to pay tarzan and jane a visit but they went for their 2nd honeymoon...aiseh..

~Life isnt a bed of flowers...wahahha

YiLan-Sharila Leisure Farm

~it's freezing cold when the temperature drop till 9 degrees,
im feeling that im staying in the fridge..haha

~bubbles remind me of baby bath..haha
where's my bath tub??

Taipei 101

~Taipei 101, the tallest building in taiwan,
taller than our KLCC

~diamond are women's best friends,
since i cant afford diamond
so crystals are my best companion.

~how tiny i am compared to the Christmas tree

during my entire week in taiwan
i've been waking up very very very early in the morning,
then continue ZZZZ during the journey,
so no one really pay attention to what's our tour guide is saying.
gomen ne, mr tour guide.

Later i realise people in taiwan are really attentive and they are mostly mandarin speaking,
some older generation evenspeaks japanese.
Pretty cool huh.
the road sign are all in chinese and english.
im from chinese medium school,
so i dun hav any language barrier here.

the night before i left for taiwan
i encountered a 4.8 earth quake
the experience was really a scary and unforgettable one
imagine the celling light is shaking left to right, the floor is vibrating
i was at the 5th floor when the earth quake occurs
mom was worry that it gonna collapse.

I am so glad to be home..
nothing is better than being at ur home country
free from natural disaster.

this is my trip from taiwan.
hope u enjoy the pictures~


Mel-Yu said...

Lovely pictures! I was there for a year. I miss Taipei!!!!

LeaF芳 said...

thanks Mel-Yu.. :)

LeaF芳 said...

thanks Mel-Yu.. :)

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