Thursday, 21 January 2010

Feeling unwell

yesterday was a long day for me. unwell after attending class for 3 days..
i can blame it to the rain bathe the other evening
at first i felt a slight throat irritation
then by the time i was almost going to bed i start to hav running nose

when my alarm rang i was so reluctant to wake up to attend my 8am class,
but still convince myself to get washed up and prepared myself for class
when i come out from the house the sky is still dark
is a 5 minutes walk to the waiting point
it really freaks me out when im walking ALONE
thanked god i reach schl in one piece

my sensei actually enter class 15 minutes before 8am early wan???
thanked god again that i come early..
the class was okay
at least im having a normal sensei compared to the previous wan..

to be honest,
i dun hav any fond memories of her
the only thing i can remember that is her criticism and harsh words.
always comparing us with japanese students bla bla bla..
wtf..ok end of story, dun wanna start my grandfather story all over again
next time i will only filled in the survey on the 14th week...

i lost my appetite due to sneezing, running nose and sore throat
good lar..can go on diet..haha..
if not later fat cant be pretty during chinese new year..
u know la..what kinda relatives i have..sienz
always like to say ppl fat when they actually look fine..

by the time i reach home,im feeling hungry...
so might as well cincai cook something
no instant noodles this time , the aji gonna worsen my condition
i'll probably turn into a husky voice the next day
hell no.

my lunch sardine beehon..

by night time my head was so heavy and feverish..
so i slept at the time of 10 plus
wah..broke record d lar..suddenly become a good obedient girl
just wanna have a good rest..
tomorrow gonna be a good day for me

the weather is kinda cranky remember to drink lotsa water..
boy im glad that i fall sick before the assignment starts..

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